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Liquid Filtration Equipment

Bedatec is a leading manufacturer of liquid filtration equipment for the management of process fluids and conveying of finished parts.  Established for over twenty years, Bedatec are a family owned business with our manufacturing/service facility based in the centre of the UK.  The company develops, produces and sells customer-oriented liquid filtration equipment.

In addition to our expertise in manufacturing liquid filtration equipment, Bedatec are the UK agents for Brinkmann pumps, AKO filters and Hyfra refrigeration equipment.

The Bedatec product portfolio includes:

  • Conveyor Systems - Conveyor can be integrated into filtration systems and machine tools to provide continuous removal of sludge, swarf and small chips in a wide range of machining applications. Beda-Technology can supply conveyors tailored to customer requirements, in a wide range of designs including scraper, magnetic and slatband.
  • Gravity Band Filters - Our fully automatic universal clarifier separates any kind of solids from liquids. Automatic regGravity Bandfiltereneration saves interruption of the filtration process and therefore the production cycle is not interrupted.
  • Vacuum Filters - Longer life of cutting tools due to thorough filtration of the cutting medium. Savings on waste removal costs as waste material is dried.
  • Hydrocyclone Units - Continuous operation. Minimal running costs. Highly efficient and easy to maintain. Optional extras available.
  • Magnetic Drum Filters - Automatic operation (optional indexing to improve performance). Low operating costs. Compact design utilising minimal floor space. Longer coolant life contributes to higher production, longer tool life and less downtime.
  • Pre-Coat Filter Units - Pre-coat systems covers applications ranging from single machines to high capacity centralised systems, manual or fully automated control. Compact construction. Regeneration without backwashing.
  • Duplex Bowl Centrifuges - Bedatec Duplex Bowl Centrifuges combine long service life with the ability to clean most liquids and emulsions without the need for filter media replacement. Used throughout the world. Available in a range of designs.

These are manufactured on a modular construction basis and can therefore be arranged to suit individual machines and site conditions. In addition to our expertise in manufacturing liquid filtration equipment, Bedatec are the UK agents for the following manufacturers:

Brinkmann Pumps

Brinkmann pumps are used in various fields of applications and excel in the machine tool sector with their comprehensive product line. A lot of development work has got into each Brinkmann pump – internal and external research, complex checks on the test stand and in practice. Brinkmann Pumps realizes market-orientated innovation in constant contact with its customers all over the world.

One example for this is the patented slurping immersion pump with suction de-aeration, mastering air trapping in the cooling lubricant in a most reliable way.

A complex modular system was developed in order to meet individual requirements in a cost-effective way. Thus, the best possible/optimum solutions for individual customer desires are created.

AKO Filters

AKO fully automatic self-cleaning filters can be supplied as single filters and as filter combinations with by-pass filter. The filter combination with semi-automatic bypass filter is especially advantageous because it renders possible a maintenance-free operation when using the by-pass filter.

Hyfra Pedia Refrigeration Equipment

Develop and produce cooling systems for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial and medical applications. Our mission is to assist customers and reduce costs and so increase profits, whilst helping to provide a clean, safe working environment and protecting our planets’ resources.

In addition to a broad por tfolio of standardised water, oil and emulsion cooling machines, we also offer numerous additional options. Due to our modular chiller system we are also able to plan, develop and economically manufacture individual cooling solutions for specialised customer requests in a short period of time.

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