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Brinkmann Pumps

Brinkmann Pumps

A lot of development work has got into each BRINKMANN pump – internal and external research, complex checks on the test stand and in practice. BRINKMANN PUMPS realizes market-orientated innovation in constant contact with its customers all over the world.

One example for this is the patented slurping immersion pump with suction de-aeration, mastering air trapping in the cooling lubricant in a most reliable way.

A complex modular system was developed in order to meet individual requirements in a cost-effective way. Thus, the best possible/optimum solutions for individual customer desires are created.

Erecting a new factory on greenfield site in 1990 and 1991 presented the ideal opportunity for building up future-oriented and state-of-the-art production facilities, streamlined workflows and the use of ergonomically designed working places.

The production of components is highly automated, with the third shift being completely unmanned – thus low-cost operations are ensured. Assembling is done individually: Order per order – this guarantees flexibility.


With distributed filter systems, modern concepts for aluminium cutting machines must fulfil the task of disposing the aluminium chips out of the machine's working area to the filtering installation.

The chips produced during cutting tend to get stuck with each other and to form large chip balls.

High pressure with centrifugal pumps

State-of-the-art machining processes require pump pressure values clearly above 15 bar, like in deep hole drilling, grinding with CBN wheels or in wire-EDM machining.

By combining two BRINKMANN centrifugal pumps arranged in tandem, pressures of over 50 bar can be attained.

Returning cooling lubricants containing air

In state-of-the-art machining processes like high-speed grinding with CBN wheels, a very large amount of air is mixed into the grinding oil during cutting.

Conventional centrifugal pumps can pump these cooling lubricants with high content of air only unsatisfactorily.

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