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Crane Electronics Ltd.

Crane Electronics develops, manufactures & sells torque tools to the manufacturing and assembly industry. Crane Electronics is a world leader in torque measurement and control. Since its foundation in 1971, the company has established a worldwide reputation for producing high quality products designed to provide solutions for manufacturers and suppliers in all sectors of the economy.

Torque control and measurement systems provide major manufacturing benefits for all companies. Whether it is a need for quality, safety, increased productivity or zero rejects, Crane's extensive range of products is designed to provide the precise answer.

All of Crane's products are delivered with a valid calib...

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ProWrench Opta

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ProWrench Opta

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Crane Electronics’ 25Nm and 75Nm ProWrench Opta torque and angles wrenches have now acquired homologation from a major global car manufacturer. This means that these tools satisfy the manufacturer’s own internal performance standards - which are themselves based upon exacting nationally and internationally recognised standards.

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