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Safety First Valve

Safety First Valve

Safety First Valve, L.L.C. manufactures Safety Relief Valves and Vacuum Breakers. We are able to achieve pressures as low as 1 psi and vacuum pressures as low as 1" water column.

Safety First Valve ensure our customers the best product at a fair price. We believe in accommodating our customer's needs through research and development. And, we will do everything possible to expedite our product to exceed our customer's expectations.

Safety First Valve are manufacturers of Sanitary Pressure Relief devices such as Relief Valves, Vacuum Breakers, and Blowout Panels. We are able to achieve pressures as low as 1 psi and vacuum pressures as low as 1" water column. Our Sanitary Blowout Panel is designed to be fatigue resistant suitable for heavy cycling applications such as dust collectors.

History of Pressure Relief Devices

The requirement for pressure relief began when the first tank was heated to develop steam. This dates back to the early 1700's. It was understood early that if the temperature became too high the pressure would exceed the strength of the vessel causing it to explode. Many boilers blew up resulting in hundreds of fatalities and untold property damage. The challenge was to develop a device that would relieve the overpressure but allow the boiler to maintain enough pressure to make steam.

The first attempt was a weighted plated known as a pallet. The pallet would lift and expose the pressure to atmosphere and vent the excess pressure. When the pressure in the vessel would decrease below the weight of the weighted pallet the pallet would close and the cycle would start over again.

The weighted pallet was replaced by a seat and spring. The spring held the seat down and provided a seal to the boiler. When the internal pressure exceed the force of the spring, the seat would lift and venting would begin. The pressure was then reduced and the spring caused the seat to close and the seal the vessel.

Very little has changed since then and the basics on how relief valves work are still the same. The number of applications has changed and has increased greatly. From petrochemical to food processing to the hot water tank in your house, they all use some kind of safety relief valve.

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