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Big Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouse, Storage or Commercial Facilities

HVLS Fans, Ceiling Fans, Big Industrial Fans, Solar Fans

The Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fan is a new and revolutionary high efficiency HVLS Fan. Operate the fan with as little as 500 watts.  And, because Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fans have the option to use solar technology, the operating cost is significantly lower than other HVLS ceiling fans. Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fans are available in very large sizes (10', 12', 16', 18', 20' and 24' dia) and can be used in commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, process and assembly plants, industrial warehouses, big box stores, large dairy/poultry sheds, sports arenas, airplane hangars, and more.
Swifter® HVLS Fans Features and Benefits:

  • AC/DC Solar Hybrid Fan System - operates on solar power, grid power, or both
  • Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Motor - no gearbox or speed reducer required
  • High Efficiency Composite Molded Fan Blades - better airflow with less fan blades
  • Folding, Hinged Fan Blades - easy handling and installation
  • Self-Hoisting System (for 18, 20 & 24 ft. dia. fans) - single person installation
  • Smart Embedded Controller - automatically and seamlessles switch from solar to grid power
  • Wash-Down Ceiling Fan System - easy cleaning and maintenance

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