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Industrial Laminates

Industrial Laminates

(Common Tradenames: Tufnol, Paxolin, Bakelite, Bakelaque, Garolite, Micarta, Pertinax, Pirtoid)

We offer a complete range of industrial laminates either in standard stock shapes (sheet/rod/tube/angle) or fully machined. Amongst the materials offered are:

Phenolic Fabric Grades
Carp Brand SRBF: Fine weave, high quality fabric grade. Combines excellent mechanical strength with first class electrical properties. Low water absorption. Can be accurately machined to precise tolerances. Meets the requirements of BSEN60893-3-4 PFCC305 (BS2572 Type F1)

Whale Brand SRBF: The most widely used, general purpose, medium weave grade. Good mechanical and electrical strength. Robust and versatile. Often used for medium to coarse pitch gears. Meets the requirements of BSEN60893-3-4 PFCC203 (BS2572 Type F2)

Bear Brand SRBF: Specially developed as a bearing material for use with water or other lubricants. Better electrical properties and lower water absortion than Whale. Medium weave. Meets the requirements of BSEN2572 Type F2/1

Commercial SRBF: An imported, commercial grade SRBF meeting the requirements of BS2572 Type F2, for applications where minimal electrical and mechanical strength is required. Medium weave.

Epoxy Resin Based Laminates
2P/45: Paper based modified epoxy grade. Superior electrical properties. Good mechanical strength. Low water absortion. Superb resistance to electrical tracking. Can be used continuously up to 130°C, intermittently upto 140°C.

6F/45: Fine weave cotton epoxy grade. Very good mechanical and electrical properties in one material. Low water absortion. First class resistance to electrical tracking. Can be used continuously up to 130°C, intermittently up to 150°C. Machines superbly to fine tolerances. Meets the requirements of BSEN60893-3-2 PFCPC301 (BS2572 Type F6)

Glass Based Laminates (G10, FR4, G11)
10G/40: An epoxy glass laminate with extremely high mechanical and electrical strength. Good dielectric properties under dry and humid conditions. Excellent rigidity and dimensional stability. Suitable for use at Class B (130°C) temperatures. Meets requirements of BSEN60893-3-2 EPGC201 (BS3593 EP3 & NEMA G10)

FR4: An epoxy glass laminate based on a medium weave glasscloth, with excellent mechanical and flame resistant properties. For applications upto 130°C (Class B). Meets requirements of BS3953 EP4 and NEMA FR4, NEMA G10

EP7: An epoxy glass laminate based on a medium weave glass cloth, with excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties (Class F, 155°C) when compared to conventional laminates. Meets requirements of BSEN60893-3-2 EPGC203 (BS3953 EP5 & EP7 and NEMA G11)

10G/50: Silicone glass grade with high temperature resistance. Can be used at 200°C. Excellent dielectric properties and low loss tangent. Conforms to BSEN60893 3-6 SIGC202 (BS3953 Type SI4 & SI5

6G/92: Polyimide Glass suitable for temperatures upto 260°C continuously and 300°C intermittently. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties, flexural strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. Replacement for 6G/91. Meets requirements of BS EN 60893-3-7 PI GC 301 (AFS1386)

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