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Latham Filtration Technology (Pty) Ltd

Filter Press Parts

Filter Press Parts

In order to maintain the filter press, we are able to provide spare parts, including:

Filter Plates

Sizes from 250mm² upto 2100mm².

Polypropylene, PVDF Stainless Steel.

Recessed, Plate & Frame, Membrane

Filter Cloths

Sizes from 250mm² upto 2100mm².

Tailored to suit individual requirements in a range offabrics.

Spatulas (Cake Scrapers)

To manually aid discharge where sticky cakes are a problem.


All hydraulic spares available, including cylinder sealkits, filters, valves, etc.


Photo Electric Safety Barriers, Control Panel Spares(switches, relays, etc), proximity switches, pressure transducers, and partsrelating to the modular electrical wiring system on Latham International FilterPresses.


We are able to source spares for a whole range of pumps thatare supplied with Latham presses, including Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps,Ram  Pumps, HP Wash Pumps.

Membrane Inflation/Leak Detector

The leak detector is fitted to each plate, usually directlyinto the Membrane connection. Used to detect membrane squeezing operation anddetect the location of any leaks in failed membranes.

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