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Turnkey Systems for Water and Sewerage Treatment

Turnkey Systems for Water and Sewerage Treatment

Sludges developed by municipal waste water treatment and the preparation of potable water contain finely dispersed organic or inorganic particles. Because of this, thickening is limited to a maximum of 8%. To reduce disposal costs the sludges must be dewatered. 

The reduction of volume and weight significantly reduces costs for transport, disposal or incineration. 

Using Latham International filter presses guarantees the maximum solids content at the lowest capital equipment and running costs. The nature of the sludge and desired output would determine press selection (membrane or conventional) to optimise performance. This would be determined by filtration trials on site or in house.

Latham International have the facility to supply and install complete turnkey systems. Comprising:

De-watering filter presses 
Press feed pumps 
Polymer, lime & ferric preparation units 
Pipework and valves 
Conveyor systems 
PLC Control 
Installation, commissioning & training 

Whether it be for a municipal waste water treatment plant or a small rural plant Latham International will have the most economical de-watering solution either with a static or mobile filter unit.

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