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Instrumentation Cable

PVC Insulated Wire

Instrumentation Cables are multiple conductor cables that convey low energy electrical signals used for monitoring or controlling electrical power systems and their associated processes. An example would be signals from computers / controllers to speed controllers, shutdown controls, motors, or other process control components.

The functions of measurement and control are vital to manufacturing and processing applications. These functions are greatly dependent on their electronic circuitry. Beacuse of this, Multi/Cable instrumentation cables are designed with minimal interference & maximum durability / safety in mind.

Typical applications include industrial equipment control, broadcasting, assembly equipment, and mass transit systems.

Construction Options:


  • Bare copper
  • Tinned copper
  • Plated copper

**Solid or Stranded 6 to 26 AWG

Insulation & Jacket

PFA (260°C)
PTFE (260°C)
FEP (204°C)
TPE (105°C)
PVC (105°C)
Polypropylene (105°C)
Nylon (105°C)
Polyethylene (75°C)


  • Aluminum or Kapton Foil
  • Metal Braids: Sliver, Stainless Steel, Bare or Tinned Copper

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