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GE Series 90-70

GE Series 90-70

The GE Fanuc Series 90-70 was introduced in 1988 as a full functioning PLC system. It utilized the IC697CPU782 processor which soon became the IC697CPX782 CPU. The new processors no longer needs the IC697MEM715, IC697MEM719, IC697MEM731, IC697MEM733 or IC697MEM735 memory modules. The new IC697CMM742 Ethernet controller eliminates the older IC697CMM741.

44A749939-001 S6P10 MODULE
IC697ACC701 Battery Lithium 3V 1400MAH 2/Package IC697ACC7 IC697ACC70
IC697ALG230 Analog Input 8PT IC697ALG2 IC697ALG23
IC697ALG320 90-70 or Rx7i Analog Output, Voltage/Current, 4 IC697ALG3 IC697ALG32
IC697ALG440 Analog Input Expander, Current IC697ALG4 IC697ALG44
IC697ALG441 Analog Input Expander IC697ALG4 IC697ALG44
IC697BEM711 I/O Bus Receiver IC697BEM7 IC697BEM71
IC697BEM713 Bus Transmitter FOR I/O EXPANSION IC697BEM7 IC697BEM71
IC697BEM721 Genius I/O Bus Controller IC697BEM7 IC697BEM7
IC697BEM731 Genius I/O Bus Controller IC697BEM7 IC697BEM73
IC697BEM733 Genius Remote I/O module IC697BEM7 IC697BEM73
IC697BEM741 FIP Bus Contrlr. IC697BEM7 IC697BEM74
IC697BEM744 FIP Bus Controller IC697BEM7 IC697BEM74
IC697BEM761 I/O Interface for Series Six PLC IC697BEM7 IC697BEM76
IC697BEM763 DLAN Drive Interface IC697BEM7 IC697BEM76
IC697CGR772 Redundant CPU 2K Discrete I/O IC697CGR7 IC697CGR77
IC697CGR935 Dual Bus CPU 12K Discrete IO IC697CGR9 IC697CGR93
IC697CHS750 I/O Rack 5 Slots Rear Mount IC697CHS7 IC697CHS75
IC697CHS782 17 Slot Rack Rear Mount IC697CHS7 IC697CHS78
IC697CHS783 Integrators Rack, 17 Slots Front Mount IC697CHS7 IC697CHS78
IC697CHS790 17 slot Rack, 9 Slots, Rear Mount IC697CHS7 IC697CHS79
IC697CHS791 I/O Rack, 9 Slots, Front Mount IC697CHS7 IC697CHS79
IC697CMM711 PLC Communications Coprocessor IC697CMM7 IC697CMM71
IC697CMM741 Ethernet MMS Lan Interface IC697CMM7 IC697CMM74
IC697CMM742 With Transceiver Ethernet Inferface IC697CMM7 IC697CMM74
IC697CPM790 GMR Redundancy 90-70 CPU, 486, 2K IC697CPM7 IC697CPM79
IC697CPM914 GMR Redundant CPU IC697CPM9 IC697CPM91
IC697CPM915 Central Processing Unit IC697CPM9 IC697CPM91
IC697CPM924 CPU processor IC697CPM9 IC697CPM92
IC697CPM925 CPU Processor Unit Faster IC697CPM9 IC697CPM92
IC697CPU731 Central Processing Unit 512 Discrete IO IC697CPU7 IC697CPU73
IC697CPU732 CPU PROCESSOR w/ Floating Pt IC697CPU7 IC697CPU73
IC697CPU771 CPU without Floating Pt. IC697CPU7 IC697CPU77
IC697CPU772 CPU W/ Floating point math IC697CPU7 IC697CPU77
IC697CPU780 Central Proc. Unit Module IC697CPU7 IC697CPU78
IC697CPU781 CPU 781 w/o floating point IC697CPU7 IC697CPU78
IC697CPU782 CPU W/ Floating point math IC697C IC697CP IC697CPU
IC697CPU788 CPU Card Unit New In Stock IC697CPU7 IC697CPU78
IC697CPU789 CPU Low volume IC697CPU7 IC697CPU78
IC697CPX772 CPU, 96 MHz IC697CPX7 IC697CPX77
IC697CPX782 CPU, 96 MHz, 12K Discrete I/O IC697CPX7 IC697CPX78
IC697CPX928 CPU, 96 MHz IC697CPX9 IC697CPX92
IC697CPX935 CPU, 96 MHz IC697CPX9 IC697CPX93
IC697CSE784 State Logic CPU, 16MHz, 80386 with Flt. Pt IC697CSE7 IC697CSE78
IC697HSC700 50KHZ High Speed Counter IC697HSC7 IC697HSC70
IC697MDL240 120 Volts ac Isolated Input 16 IC697MDL2 IC697MDL4
IC697MDL241 240 Volts ac Isolated Input (16) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL24
IC697MDL250 120 Volts ac Input (32) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL25
IC697MDL251 120 Volts ac Input (16) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL25
IC697MDL252 12 Volts ac Input (32) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL25
IC697MDL253 24 Volts ac Input (32) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL25
IC697MDL254 48 Volts ac Input (32) IC697MDL2 IC697MDL25
IC697MDL340 120 Volts ac Output, 2 Amp (16) IC697MDL3 IC697MDL34
IC697MDL341 120/240 Volts ac Isolated Output, 2 Amp (12) IC697MDL3 IC697MDL34
IC697MDL350 120 Volts ac Output, 0.5 Amp (32) IC697MDL3 IC697MDL35
IC697MDL640 125 Volts dc Input (16) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL64
IC697MDL650 24 Vdc Input, Positive Logic (32 Pt) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL65
IC697MDL651 5 Volts dc (TTL) Input (32) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL65
IC697MDL652 12 Volts dc Input, Pos/Neg Logic (32) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL65
IC697MDL653 24 Volts dc Input, Pos/Neg Logic (32) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL65
IC697MDL654 48 Volts dc Input, Pos/Neg Logic (32) IC697MDL6 IC697MDL65
IC697MDL740 24/48 Volts dc Output, 2 Amp, Pos Logic (16) IC697MDL7 IC697MDL74
IC697MDL750 24/48 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Pos Logic (32) IC697MDL7 IC697MDL75
IC697MDL752 12 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Pos Logic (32) IC697MDL7 IC697MDL75
IC697MDL753 5/48 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Neg Logic (32) IC697MDL7 IC697MDL75
IC697MDL940 16 point Relay Output, Signal, 2 Amp (16) IC697MDL9 IC697MDL94
IC697MEM713 Memory RAM, 64K Bytes, CMOS IC697MEM7 IC697MEM71
IC697MEM715 Memory RAM, 128K Bytes, CMOS expansion IC697MEM7 IC697MEM71
IC697MEM717 Memory RAM, 256K Bytes, CMOS IC697MEM7 IC697MEM71
IC697MEM719 Memory RAM, 512K Bytes, CMOS IC697MEM7 IC697MEM71
IC697MEM731 Memory RAM, 128K Bytes, CMOS IC697MEM7 IC697MEM73
IC697MEM732 Memory RAM, 256K Bytes 32 Bit IC697MEM7 IC697MEM73
IC697MEM733 Memory RAM, 256K Bytes, CMOS, 32 Bit IC697MEM7 IC697MEM73
IC697MEM735 Memory RAM, 512K Bytes, CMOS, 32 Bit IC697MEM7 IC697MEM73
IC697PCM711 Programmable Coprocessor Module IC697PCM7 IC697PCM71
IC697PWR710 AC/DC Power Supply, 120/240 Vac, 125VDC, 50 Watts IC697PWR7 IC697PWR71
IC697PWR711 AC/DC Power Supply, 120/240 Vac,125VDC, 100 Watts
IC697PWR724 DC Only Power Supply, 24 Vdc, 90 Watts IC697PWR7 IC697PWR72
IC697PWR748 DC Only Power Supply, 48 Vdc, 90 Watts IC697PWR7 IC697PWR74
IC697RCM711 Standby Redundancy Comm. card IC697RCM71 IC697RCM7
IC697VAL348 Analog Output, 8 channel, 16bit IC697VAL3 IC697VAL34


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