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GE Series Three

GE Series Three

GE Series Three PLC consist primarily of the IC630CPU301 processor. It has an integrated programmer on the front of the CPU. The most vunerable component on this system is the IC630PWR310 and IC630PWR300 power supplies. It has been discontinued by the manufacturer GE Fanuc. PDF Supply maintains a large inventory of both new and remanufactured parts in stock.

IC630CCM300 Series Three Data Communications Module (DCM) IC630CCM3 IC630CCM30
IC630CCM310 I/O Link Local Module IC630CCM3 IC630CCM31
IC630CCM311 I/O Link Remote Module IC630CCM3 IC630CCM31
IC630CCM390 RS-232/RS-422 Converter Unit IC630CCM3 IC630CCM39
IC630CHS304 Base Unit, 4 slots IC630CHS3 IC630CHS30
IC630CHS306 Base Unit, 6 slots IC630CHS3 IC630CHS30
IC630CHS308 Base Unit, 8 slots IC630CHS3 IC630CHS30
IC630CPU301 CPU/Programmer Unit, 4K Words IC630CPU3 IC630CPU30
IC630MDL301 24Vdc Sink Input Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30
IC630MDL302 24Vdc Input 32 pints IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30
IC630MDL303 5-12 dc Sink Input Module, D Connector 32 pts IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30
IC630MDL304 24Vdc Sink Input/ Output Module 16in/16out IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30
IC630MDL306 24Vdc Sink Input Module, D Connector w/ LED IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30
IC630MDL310 High SpeedModule IC630MDL3 IC630MDL31
IC630MDL311 24Vac/dc Source Input Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL31
IC630MDL316 Analog Input Module, 4-20 mA/1.5Vdc (2 channels) IC630MDL3 IC630MDL31
IC630MDL324 I/O Simulator Module(8 points) IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32
IC630MDL325 115Vac Input Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32
IC630MDL326 115Vac Isolated Input Module 8 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32
IC630MDL327 230Vac Input Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32
IC630MDL351 24Vdc Sink Output Module, 2 Amp 8 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL352 24Vdc Sink Output Module, 1 Amp 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL353 IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL354 5-12Vdc Kink/Source Output Module 32 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL356 24Vdc Sink Output Module, D Connector, w/LED IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL357 24Vdc Source Output Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35
IC630MDL366 Analog Output Module, 4-20mA 2 channels IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36
IC630MDL367 Analog Output Module, +/-10Vdc 2 channels IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36
IC630MDL368 Analog Output Module, 0-10Vdc 2 channels IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36
IC630MDL375 115/230Vac Output Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL37
IC630MDL376 115/230Vac Isolated Output Module 8 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL37
IC630MDL380 Relay Output Module 16 points IC630MDL3 IC630MDL38
IC630PWR300 115/230Vac Power Supply IC630PWR3 IC630PWR30
IC630PWR310 115/230Vac Power Supply Unit IC630PWR3 IC630PWR31
IC630PWR320 115/230 Vac Remote Power Supply IC630PWR3 IC630PWR32


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