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Urethane Wheels

Urethane Wheels

RWM Casters uses premium PTMEG polyurethane which provides an added safety cushion vs. our competitors PPG polyurethane wheel material. (Click here to see why RWM's polyurethane trumps the competition). Polyurethane tread wheels are an excellent way to provide a layer of durable, long lasting, shock absorbing cushion between your valuable products and the floor. Available in a wide array of durometers and thicknesses, these polyurethane wheels can dominate in almost any application. With polyurethane wheels designed for high impact shock absorbtion, noise reduction, rollability, high speeds and extreme durability, RWM Casters is pleased to offer the best polyurethane wheel lineup in the industry.

Model Capacity Material Temperature Range
Urethane Solid Wheels 500lbs Polyurethane -30° to +190°F
Urethane on Polypropylene Wheels 1,000lbs Polyurethane -40° to +175°F
Urethane on Aluminum Wheels 1,500lbs Polyurethane -40°to +180°F
TorusWheel™ Urethane on Aluminum Round Tread 1,500lbs Polyurethane -40°F to 180°F
Omega Wheels 2,000lbs Polyurethane -40°to +180°F
Solid Urethane Wheels 3,000lbs Polyurethane -40°to +180°F
Whisper Wheels HD Urethane on Iron 4,100lbs Polyurethane -40°to +180°F
Infinity Vulkollan® Wheels 3,500lbs Polyurethane -20°F to 200°F
Urethane on Iron Wheels 9,000lbs Polyurethane -40° to +180°F
Ultra Thick Urethane Wheels 10,300lbs Polyurethane -40° to 180°F

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