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Sigmapi Systems Ltd

Sigmapi Systems designs and builds automated control and environmental monitoring systems. Because we have experience over many industry sectors, whatever problem you are looking to solve we have engineers who can talk to you about the best solution.

Products & Services

  • Temperature and Environmental Monitoring & Control - Sigmapi Systems designs and builds systems that control, monitor and log temperatures, gas levels and humidity (compliant with 21 CFR 11, if required).
  • Welding Monitoring - Our welding monitoring unit is a high performance, industrial, rugged and ready to use system. This portable unit is built for expandability, reliability and continous performance, even in the harshest conditions.
  • LowSitr™ - Friction stir welding is a welding technique invented by TWI in 1991. The process requires no melting (the weld is made in solid state) and produces very high quality welds on a wide variety of aluminium alloys.

Industry Sectors

  • Automotive - As in any industry sector, quality is a driving force in the automotive industry – everything from ensuring weld quality to guaranteeing the life of components on a vehicle. Sigmapi Systems has the expertise to help you to improve quality.
  • Life Sciences - The application of cutting edge technologies has meant great advances in all areas of life sciences, improving for example, human and animal health, environmental conservation, food technology and fuel efficiencies. Sigmapi Systems has expertise in the technologies that can support and enable such work.
  • Marine - Our marine division, Newlyme, has over thirty years experience producing reefer temperature & environmental monitoring and control, movement recording, engine alarms, and container monitoring systems.
  • OEMs - We supply our services to OEMs to enable you to add value to your product and broaden your markets. We can help in several ways.  It doesn't matter what industry sector you serve, we can help you to achieve the best solution for your customers.

Sigmapi Systems: Designing and Building Control and Monitoring Systems to Optimise Your Business.

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