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Diesel Fuel Purification Systems

Dual-stage and single stage fuel treatment system to improve engine performance, get increased power and up to 3% more MPG. Decreases smoke and no more clogged fuel filters
This separator is based on surface tension principle and rotational fluid motion also known as “Cyclone Separation”

Diesel and water have different surface tension as well as density, when a mixture of diesel and water is spread over a large area, water droplets and large solids will separate from the fuel.

Dieselcraft uses a perforated plate on entering to cause the water and solids to agglomerate and the vortex finder on exiting. This vortex adds centrifugal force to the fluids motion.
The clean fuel is drawn out of the unit and into the primary fuel filter of your system. Water and contamination is drained from the bottom of the unit. This process continues as long as the engine fuel pump is operating.

This high volume vortex separator removes 99.9% of the water an

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