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Fareast Graphite Chemical Equipment

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Tel: +86 513 85956297
Fax: +86 513 83564755
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Yuanqiao Industrial Park, Qinzao Town,

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Yuanqiao Industrial Park, Qinzao Town,

Company Description


Fareast Graphite Chemical Equipment Co. LTD is a manufacturer of graphite chemical equipment in China. Our products main applications involve chemical, petrochemical, metal finishing, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel pickling, environmental protection...
Typical chemical process units include graphite heat exchangers (block, shell & tube, compact), graphite hydrochloric acid (HCl) synthesis units & furnace, graphite sulfuric acid (H2SO4) dilution systems (plant, coolers), graphite falling film absorbers, graphite evaporators, graphite quencher, graphite column, graphite pumps, graphite gas scrubbers
The follow is our main products:
Graphite Heat Exchangers, Cooler, Heater:
Shell And Tube, Cylindrical Block, Cubic Block, Compact
Graphite Hydrochloride Acid Synthesis Unit, Furnace:
Graphite Sulfuric Acid Dilution Cooler, Unit, Plant
Graphite Falling-Film Absorbers, Gas Scrubber
Graphite Quencher
Graphite Column, Tower
Graphite Lined Reactor
Graphite Lined Pump, Pipe, Fitting

Products & Services

Misc. »
  • Graphite Heat Exchanger
  • Graphite Thermal Insulation
  • Inpregnated Graphite Vessels
Heating, Ventilation & Cooling »

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