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Jiangsu Province Changzhou Globla Valve Factory

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Tel: +86 (0)519 7721208
Fax: +86 (0)519 7721188
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Zhuze Coal Mine,

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Company Description

Jiangsu Province Changzhou Global Valve Factory is specializing in producing JIS standard marine valves.

main products include:
JIS7305,JIS7306,JIS7307,JIS7308,JIS7309,JIS7310, JIS7353,JIS7354,JIS7375,JIS7376,JIS7377,JIS7378, JIS7363,JIS7364,JIS7301,JIS7302,JIS7303,JIS7304, JIS7351,JIS7352,JIS7367,JIS7368,JIS7409,JIS7410, Class 150 gate valve.

Our products are produced strictly according to JIS stand,and are well sold in many countries.Welcome to contact us.

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No brand name products listed for Jiangsu Province Changzhou Globla Valve Factory.

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