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Mascoat has been revolutionizing the way the world insulates and protects surfaces. The reason we are known as the world leader in insulating coatings is because Mascoat is the formulator and manufacturer of all our own insulating coatings.

What makes Mascoat different from other insulation products? First, we supply coatings that protect and insulate industrial, commercial, marine, automotive, rail and residential substrates around the world. Unlike many of our competitors, our coatings are not “one-size-fits-all.” Instead, they’re engineered and manufactured to fulfill market-specific needs, and scientifically proven to save you money, time and manpower. In addition to our product versatility, Mascoat insulation solutions utilize superior materials while keeping your facility costs low.

In-House Laboratory

Mascoat’s insulating coatings begin in our high-tech laboratory, where each batch is mixed using quality-controlled ingredients and patented manufacturing processes. Our focus on product quality allows us to guarantee our coatings, and when necessary, to produce coating and color variations that suit our client’s unique application needs.

Mascoat products are batch-made in accordance with the Underwriters Quality Assurance Program, and are controlled via computerized tracking lot numbers. Each batch must pass a stringent 32-point check to maintain Mascoat’s specified quality standards. This helps to ensure that clients receive a consistent, high-quality product every time they re-order.

Thermal Engineering and Forecasting

Mascoat is the only insulating coatings company on the market today that employs a thermal engineer with an MS in Mechanical Engineering and certifications in 3-D modeling, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). His expertise allows Mascoat to not only formulate premium coatings, but to accurately forecast how our coatings will perform on any substrate, in any circumstance.

Taking into account environmental conditions, substrate geometry, product type and temperature, Mascoat can also provide clients with a Thermal Analysis Report that estimates required product quantity, efficiency improvements and energy savings. In energy retention applications, clients also learn when they can expect a return on their Mascoat investment. If we can’t improve your process and save you money, we won’t take on your job.

Knowledgeable Staff and Support

At Mascoat, our most valuable asset is our team of sales staff, distributors and applicators. Each is an industry expert, committed to helping you meet your insulation goals quickly and cost effectively. While we realize that insulating coatings are not the end-all insulation method, our technology, application history and extensive testing and engineering provides the best in thermal protection, moisture protection and sound control. Ask a question about insulation and insulating coatings, and we guarantee we’ll have an answer!

Mascoat Insulation vs. Conventional Insulation

Designed to reduce heat transfer while saving space and reducing conventional insulation maintenance, Mascoat coatings are a high-tech solution ideal for industrial, marine and transportation substrates. How do Mascoat products work? The answer lies in an understanding of heat transfer.

  • When heat is generated, thermal dynamic heat transfer (TDHT) begins. During TDHT, molecules try to reach equilibrium. This means that if one surface is hotter than another, the substrates will try to “equalize,” or meet the same temperature. This process can be problematic for commercial and industrial environments, since it causes a buildup of unwanted facility and exterior equipment heat. It also leads to a loss of vital energy used during manufacturing processes. The result? Reduced manufacturing efficiency, higher utility bills and dangerously hot working conditions.
  • Traditional “batt” insulation works by creating a barrier that slows heat conduction through floors, walls and substrates. The “R-value” of the insulation determines how much it slows down the heat transfer, higher R-values represent better product insulation.
  • Rather than simply employing this type of conduction technology, Mascoat coatings also use reflective, low-emissivity and low-transmittance technology to improve insulating results. Mascoat coatings are made of hollow, ceramic glass insulating particles. Similar to a Thermos bottle, these particles reflect light wave energy (heat) away from the substrate and back into the atmosphere, preventing heat transfer through radiation and dealing with heat prior to substrate entry (rather than simply slowing heat absorption). And since Mascoat products reflect up to 85 percent of generated heat away from substrates, they remain cool to the touch.

For more detail about the technology behind the Mascoat coating family, call Mascoat representatives toll-free at 1-800-549-0043 to request engineering calculations for insulating your specific facility or off-site application.

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