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Merrick Industries Inc.

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Tel: +1 850 265 3611
Fax: +1 850 265 9768
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10 Arthur Drive,
Hugh Nelson Industrial Park,
Lynn Haven,
United States of America

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10 Arthur Drive,
Lynn Haven, FL,
United States of America

Company Description

MERRICK INDUSTRIES, INC -- Excellence in bulk material continuous weighing since 1908.

Headquarters: LYNN HAVEN, FL USA 850-265-3611

Industry Leader: Herbert Merrick invented continuous weighing with the original patent in 1908. Since then, Merrick has shipped more belt scales and weigh feeders around the world than any other manufacturer.

Responsive Service Centers: Merrick has highly-trained service engineers, each with an average of 15 years experience, located around the USA to provide responsive customer support.

Fully Integrated Approach: Merrick controls the delivery and quality of its offerings by keeping engineering, R&D, manufacturing, and customer support activities in-house.

PRODUCT LINES: Conveyor Belt Scales, NTEP-Approved Belt Scales, Weighbelt Feeders, NFPA Coal Feeders, Loss-in-Weight Feeders, Flowmeters, Apron Conveyor Scales, & Associated Control Systems.

+++ Model 475 Belt Scale
* NTEP Approved: The 475 single-idler design is the basis of Merrick's NTEP Certified Belt Scale system. Very few companies have been able to pass the tests required for belt scale certification for legal metrology. Merrick has a modular belt scale system concept -- that means that our single idler belt scale is actually used in our certified design.
* Exclusive Parallelogram Weigh Suspension: Provides the most efficient transfer of material load forces directly to strain gauge load cell. Since deflection is maintained in the vertical dimension, the Merrick suspension can most effectively handle off-center loadings.
* Reliability: Parallelogram design has no moving parts such as pivots, levers, or bearings. Therefore, the suspension maintains its calibration longer, while being virtually maintenance free.
* Accountability: The Merrick 475 can provide totalized accuracy of +/- 0.25%, with repeatabilities within 0.25%.
* Easy Installation: Suspension bushings, idler arms, and roller alignments are all adjustable to provide quick, ultra-precise weigh platform alignment without the need for shims or special tools.

+++ Model 450/455 Weigh Belt Feeders
* Merrick 'Signature' Slack Belt Design: The number one source of weighing problems is belt reaction error, typically from weigh-deck misalignment and wear. Belt reaction error influences are amplified with belt tension. Therefore, Merrick's standard offerings use an oversized (14.75") head pulley with rubber lagging to maximize surface wrap and eliminate belt slippage. This provides minimal belt tension and wear, while increasing long term accuracy.
* Exclusive Parallelogram Weigh Suspension: For the accuracy and reliability benefits listed above, only Merrick offers the superior parallelogram weigh suspension in its standard feeder design. Also, only Merrick provides its NTEP-certified scale design standard in its weigh feeders. Precision alignment without shims. All material load forces summed directly to the load cell. No moving parts to wear out.
* Easy Belt Replacement Option: The Merrick Model 455 provides all the accuracy and reliability benefits of the Model 450 with an easy belt replacement feature. The 455 uses a cantilevered frame which provides for minimal feeder disassembly to remove the belt, typically in << 1 hour.
* Severe Duty Construction: Merrick feeders are designed to last the life of the plant in extremely harsh environments. Heavy gauge steel and continuous weldments provide the necessary structural integrity for power, cement, and steel plant applications.

+++ Merrick Controls
* Proprietary HPAD(TM) Circuitry: Merrick maintains all controller design in-house to provide quality, tailored solutions for various dynamic feeding applications. Merrick's HPAD (High Performance Analog-to-Digital) Circuitry provides the benefit of applying nearly all of a million counts of weighing resolution to the live load. Dead load from the suspension, weigh idler, and belt can be essentially 'tared out'.
* Open Connectivity: Merrick controllers can be used in both traditional analog loop protocols or the most modern digital industrial networks. With Merrick's SuperBridge® software, the Merrick controls interface as a peer on many common PLC platforms. The advantages include advanced data acquisition, full digital resolution, and substantial wiring & I/O-module savings.
* MC3 Graphical, Touch Screen Controller: Merrick can provide the most advanced feeder controller available - the MC3. With a touch screen, graphical interface, the MC3 provides an intuitive, easy-to-use format with unmatched flexibility. The MC3 is configurable to monitor plant-specific alarm and fault conditions. With a variety of screen choices, context-sensitive buttons, and network connectivity, the Merrick MC3 offers the ultimate in process control.

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