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Tel: +1 517 7832623
Fax: +1 866 3024585
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3155 Robonson Rd.,
United States of America

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3155 Robonson Rd.,
United States of America

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30+ Years of Electronic Design

Circuit Design, Firmware Development, Printed Circtuit Board Layout, Prototyping and Production.

  1. Analog Circuit Design - This is our specialty. It is a rare skill these days but whenever a device connects to the real world it must do so through an analog circuit. Every measurement or control of physical quantities requires an analog circuit. Our experience goes back far enough to embrace all things analog. We love it and we are good at it.
  2. Embedded Systems The brain of most modern designs is the embedded microcontroller. The primary advantage is that the circuit function is no longer locked in at design-time but can be changed at will through firmware. We provide you with the tools to update firmware at your site so updates take minutes instead of days.

About the President - Albert McGilvra is a veteran of electronic design and passionate about the latest developments. He holds a BSEE and MSEE from UM and MSU repectively. 

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