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PennEngineering has enjoyed a sustained history as a global leader in the fastening industry since our founding in 1942. PEM®, the company’s leading brand has been recognized as the premier product in the thin sheet fastening industry for over 70 years. Today, our expanding portfolio of fastener designs and technologies continues to keep pace with the challenges presented by an ever-evolving marketplace.


Our established and respected brands effectively define our experience and capabilities, as well as the underlying reasons for our successful relationships with our valued customer partners.

PEM® brand fasteners utilize self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technology to provide strong, reusable, and permanent threads and mounting points in thin sheet metal or P.C. board materials.

microPEM® fasteners are ideal for today’s compact electronics. Applications include; wearables such as smart watches, laptops, notebooks, tablets, smart phones and hand held devices.

PEMSERTER® presses are designed to safely, reliably, accurately, and quickly install PEM fasteners. No matter how complex or simple an installation challenge may be, using the PEM fastener and PEMSERTER press system will provide you with quality results.

Heyco® Products designs and manufactures molded wire protection products, plastic fasteners, molded components and stamped electrical components to meet the needs of industrial, medical, appliance, transportation, alternative energy, lighting, and aerospace companies. Heyco brings with it a modern, globally certified, U.S.-based manufacturing facility with vast expertise in injection molding, progressive stamping, over molding, and assembly processes and techniques.

ATLAS® brand blind threaded inserts and tools provide strong and reusable permanent threads in sheet materials where only one side is accessible.

PROFIL® – FabriSteel™ As a part of the specialty MAF™ line of fasteners, PENNAutomotive’s PROFIL® – FabriSteel™ high performance fasteners are permanently and securely attached to metal parts or panels by means of a riveting, piercing or pressing process. PENNAutomotive designs and manufactures automated feeding equipment for in die press shop applications and assembly line solutions to meet the individual production requirements of its PROFIL – FabriSteel customers.

PennAuto™ fastener products offer a unique manufacturing and distribution methodology based on manufacturing of high strength components and fasteners in PennEngineering’s wholly owned manufacturing subsidiaries in Kunshan China, supported by sales, product inventory, distribution services and customer technical assistance strategically located in close proximity to its global customers.

SI® brand inserts employ press-in, molded-in, or heat/ultrasonic installation methods to provide strong, reusable, permanent threads in plastic materials.

The STICKSCREW® system is a unique small screw installation system which eliminates expensive screw handling equipment and loose hardware. The screws are tightened to an exact torque as determined by the stick/screw design.


Application Engineering Services / Representatives

From our factories or in the field we can provide you with application analysis/review, 3D modeling, product samples, on-site training and total engineering support.

CSI™ (Cost Savings Investigation)

The PEM® Cost Savings Investigation program was developed to help companies attain a lower “assembled cost” for their designs. You can put our global fastening expertise to work for you by allowing our CSI team to disassemble and carefully analyze your product. Our CSI team will then make recommendations to you on how to reduce fastener costs, assembly time and/or assembly steps. Click here to read more.

Comprehensive Website

Our fastening resource center provides the tools to help you determine which type fastener or installation equipment is right for you. It includes a complete CAD library, fastener selector tool, conversion tables, tutorials/animations, literature, tech help, and environmental compliance references.

Social Media Activity

PennEngineering is actively posting updates and videos on TwitteryouTubeLinkedIn, and Google+.

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PEMspec™ free iPhone/iPad/Android app

Available at the iTunes store or Google Play store, PEMspec™ is a free app that allows users to quickly lookup critical installation dimensions for a selected PEM® fastener.

Custom Designs

Our engineers can assist you in finding the most efficient solution to your application, and design the right fastener to meet your needs.

Installation Equipment

We can assess your application and recommend equipment that helps you achieve your lowest installed cost. Systems can be developed to handle multiple fastener types simultaneously to address challenging component handling and fastener installation.

Prototype Development

We’re equipped with the latest equipment to provide prototype samples and short run production quantities for your testing and analysis.

Technical Lab

We have comprehensive testing facilities in each of our manufacturing locations. Tests include mechanical testing, tensile strength, compression, in sheet performance, micro hardness (Knoop, Rockwell and superficial), thermal cycling, image analysis, and corrosion and plating issues and analysis.


At PennEngineering, our goal is 100% defect-free product. To this end, we have adopted a global manufacturing strategy of defect prevention rather than defect detection. We use statistical tools throughout our manufacturing processes to monitor the performance and assure effective quality control of each process step. If a non-conforming situation arises, it is resolved immediately with the use of appropriate quality assurance tools.


  • Aerospace/Aircraft
  • Appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Compact Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Furniture/Fixtures/Signs
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lawn/Garden Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Marine/Boating
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Recreational
  • Telecom
  • Trucks/Trailers


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