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Magnalube-G is specially designed to provide ample lubrication to your machines while relieving a great amount of stress in order to minimize wear and long term effects. By reducing wear and protecting sensitive parts in a wide range of demanding applications, it will ultimately reduce the costs associated with maintenance, part replacement, and new machinery.

Magnalube-G deposits a fine protective and lubricating film on metal parts. It is virtually unaffected by corrosive chemicals and will not migrate from hot surfaces. Magnalube-G is also water resistant, stable at high temperatures, resists oil separation, and chemically and mechanically stable. The PTFE base effectively lubricates at temperatures -40F to 530F.

One of the most important boundary lubricants used in Magnalube-G is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE for short. The coefficient of friction of PTFE is the lowest of all solid lubricants and due to its non-stick properties, there is little difference between its coefficient of friction while it is static or moving. In addition, the abilities of PTFE are not affected by the external environment. Its coefficient of friction is just as low in an air-tight vacuum as it is in a steel forging mill.

In addition, the inclusion of PTFE in Magnalube-G extends the safe operating life of any machine. It protects against equipment damage even when normal re-lubrication is not performed on schedule. The PTFE continues to lubricate even after the petroleum base has been pressed or worn out.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and engineers have placed their trust in Magnalube-G for over 30 years, due to our company’s proactive investments in high-quality ingredients. Customers currently using Magnalube-G regularly report that they are experiencing better than expected performance, improved ROI on expensive machinery, reduced customer complaints, and fewer headaches overall.


For most applications Magnalube-G will still be the best choice. However, if Magnalube-G is not exactly what you are looking for it may be worth it to consider a special order.

Magnalube-GX is an altered version of the original Magnalube-G formula that contains molybdenum disulfide {MoS2}. The proprietary blend of Magnalube-G and molybdenum disulfide results in a bearing grease with unique qualities.

Magnalube-GX should be considered especially when you are working in extreme-pressure environments. Customers have also found that Magnalube-GX can dampen sound in loud industrial applications.

Why Conventional Lubrications Fail

Hydrodynamic lubrication can not be maintained under conditions of high loads and slow speeds. Pressure squeezes the oil out or the sliding motion is inadequate to maintain a lubricating film.

The Magnalube Difference

The solids used as a boundary lubricant in MAGNALUBE brand of specialty lubricants, form a mechanical barrier that drastically reduces metal contact between opposing surfaces.

Sensitive Applications

One of Magnalube's more unique and innovative properties is it ability to protect machinery from wear in some of the harshest environments imaginable. Many industrial applications involve potent chemicals making it essential for the grease applied to maintain it's protective layer and avoid being washed out.

The PTFE additives in Magnalube and their combination with only the finest synthetic base oils offers superior resistance against harsh chemicals.

In addition, the gentle nature and microscopic size of the PTFE particles used help avoid unnecessary wear on sensitive rubber and plastic O-Rings and in many cases will even strengthen these seals by causing the rubber to swell in such a way that the barriers intended by the O-Ring are even more secure.

The Energy Saver

Nothing is more frustrating than unnecessary downtime in the production process caused by the need for reapplication of lubrication or machine failures due to excessive wearing of its parts.

Magnalube brand lubricants protect your machines life and will ultimately reduce costs associated with maintenance, part replacement, and new machinery. In addition, Magnalube’s high quality ingredients, such as PTFE, mean that the lubricating film will last several times longer than the typical low-grade grease.

An investment in the slightly higher cost of Magnalube brand specialty lubricants is well worth it when you consider that the machines you use and their parts will last longer, run smoother and will have drastically less downtime than you currently experience with a lower quality grease.

Each Magnalube brand of specialty lubricants is designed to handle a particular job.

  • Low Temperature Torque @ - 35F :(ASTMD -1478)
  • Starting Torque - 6549 inch lb.
  • Running Torque - 916 inch lb.
  • High Temperature Performance:
  • 500 hours - 10,000 RPM @ 450 -Pass
  • Roll Stability Test - 4 hours - No Change
  • Oxidation Stability - pounds/drop/100 hours - 3

If you have a particular requirement or application you would like to discuss, please contact us.

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