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Vectek Electronics Ltd

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Tel: +64 6 8431400
Fax: +64 6 8430398
Email: Email Vectek Electronics Ltd

Street Address

R&D Facility,
21 Carnegie Road,
Hawkes Bay,
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 342,
New Zealand

Company Description

Vectek Electronics Ltd is a world leading Power Quality company producing a range of inverter based active power conditioning products. With a connected base of >400,000 KW of conditioners in Semiconductor FAB plants, plastic factories, bottling lines, Power Stations, paper machines, printing presses, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical plants, Vectek leads the world with its revolutionary Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) in protecting sensitive plants against voltage sags, brown outs, microcuts and harmonics.
The Vectek AVC can eliminate 3 phase sags from 70% and single phase sags from 50%. The new "deep sag" version offers extended performance in areas of depth and time.
The Vectek AVC is displacing traditional UPS's as the prefered protection for semi-conductor FAB plants.
The Vectek Shore Power converter is for luxury Yatchs and power boats to convert any voltage and frequency to either 50 Hz or 60 Hertz (400Hz options as well)
Vectek have sales offices through out the USA with

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