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    Platinum Listing Tier II Product & Service  ISO Certificate   Manufacturer

BEI Kimco

United States of America: BEI Kimco

BEI Kimco offers superior durability and reliability in brushless dc motors (bldc),bldc motor controllers, linear voice coil actuators, rotary voice coil actuators, and voice coil actuators with an integrated position sensor.

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Dometrics, Inc.

Supplying exact replacement foreign made parts to the paper, pulp, pharmaceutical, steel, transport and other industries.

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BirCraft Geared Motors Linear Actuators Controls   Platinum350 Listing    Manufacturer Distributor Exporter Service Provider

South Africa: Johannesburg

BirCraft prides itself on its wide range of Specialized & Geared Electric Motors for both AC and DC applications.

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  +27 11 468 2517
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