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Enhanced Test & Measuring Instrument Range for 2006

Enhanced Test & Measuring Instrument Range for 2006

Product News Monday, December 12, 2005: Metrix Electronics Ltd

NEW Enhanced Test & Measuring Instrument Range for 2006

A significantly enlarged range of handheld and bench style test instruments is now available from Metrix Electronics Ltd covering industrial, laboratory, service and training applications. This enhanced range is detailed in the new 2006 Product Guide, which combines the key products from the B&K Precision* and Sefram* instrument ranges

The individual sections in the new guide focus on the following product groups: handheld testers, multimeters, clamp-on meters, electrical testers, recorders, data loggers, environmental testers, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, LCR meters, spectrum analysers, TV field strength meters, network cable testers and accessories.

New products for 2006 include: high specification bench multimeters, programmable high power switching power supplies and electronic loads, synthesised waveform generators, frequency counters and spectrum analysers.

Product Categories:

Electronic » Test & Measurement » Oscilloscopes
Electrical » Test, Commissioning & Maintenance » Electrical Recorders
Instrumentation & Control » Flow Measurement » Flowmeters : Clamp-on Flowmeter
Instrumentation & Control » Test & Measurement » Digital Multimeter
Instrumentation & Control » Test & Measurement » Spectrum Analysers