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World Time Clock

EngNet Clocks - World Time Clock

Version 1.28

Windows 98/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP

EngNet Clocks is another free Windows application in the spirit of our unit converter EngNet Tools. It puts customisable world time clocks on your desktop that can show the time and date for more than 360 time zones across the world.

EngNet Clocks is also a useful time zone reference: it includes detailed daylight savings information for all of its 360 time zones. It also lets you set an alarm for any time zone — you'll never get the time of that important overseas call confused again.

Download the application and let your friends and colleagues know about this world time clock — it's completely free and incredibly useful!

Screenshots - World Time Clock

Below are some screenshots of EngNet Clocks. Click an image for a larger picture.


Version History - World Time Clock

1.28 (Oct. 2009)

  • Daylight Saving Time updated for Australia.


  • Daylight Saving Time updated for Argentina.
  • Daylight Saving Time updated for Chile.
  • Daylight Saving Time updated for Uruguay.


  • Daylight Saving Time updated for New Zealand.


  • Daylight Saving Time corrected for New York, USA.


  • Indian time zones added.


  • Daylight savings information updated for the USA.


  • Upgraded code to be compatible with new CPU versions.


  • Fixed a bug where users with a time seperator string other than : or time suffixes other than AM and PM had errors when starting the program.


  • Fixed a bug where daylight savings was not correctly triggered for timezones in the southern hemisphere.


  • Initial world time clock public release.

EngNet Clocks v1.28

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