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Variable DC Speed Controls

Our open type KBMM, KBIC and closed type KBMD {suitable for both the OEM and the Industrial markets} form the foundation of all these Drives, for converting AC 230/115 volt Input –to- DC 180/90 volt output to power PM & Shunt wound motors up to and including 3 HP.

The units offer an exclusive feature of plug in horse power resistor, an optional forward/brake/reverse switch, together with standard features such as adjustment trim pots for min/max speed control and selected armature feedback.

In addition BirCraft Motors - Linear Actuators - Controls are able to offer - Signal Isolators and Torque Controllers

One Way

One-way DC controls are designed to operate permanent magnet or wound field motors. If the motor's rotation needs to be changed, the armature leads need to be reversed. Some NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X controls offer optional switches for reversal. Stopping of a motor with a one-way control should be done by dynamic braking, some controls offer the Forward-Brake-Reverse switch for this purpose too.

Regenerative controls are designed to easily operate the motor in forward and reverse directions without motor lead reversal. A separate set of SCRs is used for each direction. With a regenerative control, stopping is controlled by using the motor's regenerated voltage sent back to the AC line.

Our NEW range of Low Voltage / Battery supply speed controllers for 12v, 24v, 36v, and 48v permanent magnet DC Motors, includes features for overload protection and controlled acceleration and deceleration. Optional features are Brake Driver Circuits and Reversing Contactors.

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