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Air Blue Fluids DEF

Air Blue Fluids DEF Distributor

Cooper Petroleum is an official distributor of Air Blue Fluids, Inc. (ABF) diesel exhaust fluid products.

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AirBlueFluids, Inc. (ABF) was incorporated on March 5, 2007 for the sole purpose of marketing bulk as well as repackaged Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

AirBlueFluids’ DEF is an API licensed brand that meets the standards of ISO 22241 and DIN70070 which guarantee the best possible performance of the new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems found in heavy duty diesel engines manufactured after January 1, 2010.

ABF will support this new diesel engine market through a national distribution network comprised primarily of large independent petroleum and lubricant marketers. This ABF team brings over 20 years of national petroleum and lubricant distribution experience to this exciting new DEF market.

The new ABF team will be supported by our bulk DEF supply partner, Cervantes-Delgado, Inc. (CDI) the largest national independent and exclusive marketer of urea and urea related products for use in SCR and SNCR systems dedicated to the control of NOx emissions from stationary as well as mobile sources. CDI’s management has over 100 years of experience in supply chain management, marketing, distribution and engineering of urea and urea solutionizing systems plus over 30 years in catalyst manufacturing. Currently, CDI/ABF are proud to have the capabilities to supply this new market from eight (8) different bulk locations as well as seven (7) repackaging facilities across the United States and Canada and continue to evaluate market conditions to strategically locate additional production and repackaging facilities as close as possible to emerging markets.

To provide storage and handling options to our customer base, ABF has aligned with top equipment manufacturers with knowledge of the European market development that will provide a full range of technical support for light to heavy duty dispensing units as well as a variety of storage options.

“Go better than green, go blue”

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