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Eden CAD is a firm that is constantly pushing the limits of computer aided design while keeping manufacturing costs down. We specialize in product development, mechanical and electrical engineering, CAD conversions, prototyping, manufacturing management, and quality control. We primarily utilize Solidworks for tasks such as 3D modeling/drafting, FEA, manufacturing print generation, tooling design, and rendering.

Properly constructed 3D models and blueprints enable the manufacture of any conceivable product. In addition to manufacturing, our 3D models have been used in various areas from presentations that attract venture capital to instruction manuals that accompany products to the end user. Our products and services offered can be tailored into a custom project to fit any size or budget. The fast-paced culture that is embedded in Eden CAD ensures that we are prepared for growth in order to exceed your project requirements.


  • 3D Modeling / Drafting - Eden CAD is ready to fill your 3D modeling and Drafting needs. Our extensive knowledge of our Platforms ensures that tasks will be performed using optimized and efficient techniques.
  • Aesthetic Design - With our knowledge and ability to apply design principles, we are able to push the boundaries of the particular product class while keeping manufacturing requirements and limitations in mind. From our extensive research of consumer behavior, it is our firm belief that product design characteristics play an important role in consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Product Engineering - During your product's development, our experienced team will work to forsee every conceivable problem and employ counter-measures with the Product Engineering service subset. We are committed to considering your input while simultaneously ensuring the product's financial feasibility and optimization to the specific manufacturing process.
  • Prototyping - Prototypes shed light on the aspects of a design that a 3D model hints at. Additionally, prototypes lower costs by revealing areas for improvement, effectively streamlining production before the large investment in production is made. Most prototyping processes listed can be performed in house. Through our knowledge of the numerous prototyping processes and our vendor database, we strive to adhere to tolerance specifications, application, budget and all other requirements as we choose the most suitable process.
  • Manufacturing management - Eden CAD is poised to manage vendors and manufacturing processes allowing you the time to focus on other aspects of your business. Our extensive experience allows us to avoid pitfalls and mistakes that increase cost and turnaround time. We pride ourselves in our efficiency when supporting vendors, developing and managing timelines, and ensuring a consistent level of quality.

Technology Platforms:

  • AutoCAD 2006
  • Solidworks
  • Photoshop
  • Photoview 360

In today's world where innovations disrupt entire industries, Eden CAD realizes the need to constantly scan the horizons and detect industry shifts through our research. We aim to better serve our clients by staying at the forefront of what is possible while simultaneously managing our costs and ensuring our current and future financial stability. We subscribe to the latest industry news, follow product releases, participate in innovation seminars, and attend trade shows to expand our knowledge base and techniques. Through our extensive research, we attain knowledge that is the beginning of the finest products.

Why Eden CAD?

  • Save Time - Without the tasks involved in assembling and supporting a team of experts and directly monitoring their progress, you are able to focus on other aspects of your business and delegate your objectives.
  • Save Money - Utilize advanced software, equipment, and workstations without expending research resources.  Tap into our team of engineers and specialists without full time commitments.  Deploy these resources without hiring and managing administrative or IT staff.
  • Boost Enterprise Knowledge - By choosing Eden CAD, you will be collaborating with a partner possessing diverse experience from manufacturing and packaging to retail sales and purchasing behavior.
  • Choose Passion - We only develop products that we have an overwhelming desire to take to market. We partner with companies that we are confident will succeed. We always strive for excellence.

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