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Coefficient of Friction Testers

Coefficient of friction (COF) testing is a measurement of surface friction i.e. the force required to pull a material sample, at a specified speed, for a specified distance over a horizontal surface, which is covered in the same material.

Coefficient of Friction Tester


A computer-controlled test system from the Mecmesin MultiTest-i range, is the ideal solution for coefficient of friction testing. Coefficient of friction values are automatically calculated for you using Emperor™ software. The full test is displayed graphically on a PC screen, helping you to identify anomolies, such as 'stiction', where the surface judders during dynamic slip. A range of diagnostic tools offer further analysis options to gain more detailed information from your tests.

A horizontal test table

The test table complies with BSI / ASTM standards and ensures a level platform throughout testing.

A sled weight

With one test specimen attached to the table and another laid directly on top, the sled weight is used to move the top specimen. The force is recorded by the loadcell and transmitted to Emperor™, which displays the full test and automatically calculates the static and kinetic coefficients of friction.

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