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Tensile Testing

Tensile TestingTensile testing is a way of determining how something will react when it is pulled apart - when a force is applied to it in tension.

Compression Testing

Compression TestingCompression testing is a way of determining how something will react when it is squashed, or when a force is applied to it in compression.

Torque Testing Instruments

Torque Testing InstrumentsOur complete range of torque testing instruments offer a convenient and economical solution to a vast array of torsion test applications.

Torque Wrench Calibrator

Torque Wrench CalibratorThe Torque Wrench Calibrator combines a universal display, Mecmesin's AFTI, with a dedicated transducer to assess the torque.

Force Testing & Measurement

Force Testing & MeasurementForce products within this section are ideal for performing tensile testing and compression testing to meet your force measurement requirements. From production floor to the Quality Control laboratory, Mecmesin offers a versatile range of force testers.

Computer-Controlled Peel Tests & Adhesion Testers

Peel tests or adhesion testing is the measurement of the adhesive or bond strength between two materials.

Crimp Joint Testers

Crimp joint testing measures the tension force required to pull apart or separate the components of a wire crimp, in most cases connected to a terminal or to another wire.

Food Texture Testers

Food texture testing is the measurement and analysis of how a food will react when it is being crushed, pulled, broken, punctured, sheared etc. We simulate these conditions by applying an axial load to the food in compression, tension, shear and bending through the use of appropriate test fixtures.

Closure Torque Testers

Closure Torque Testing is a measure of the torque force required to either apply or remove a cap or lid on a container.

Coefficient of Friction Testers

Coefficient of friction (COF) testing is a measurement of surface friction i.e. the force required to pull a material sample, at a specified speed, for a specified distance over a horizontal surface, which is covered in the same material.

Fixture / Bend Testers

Flexural strength / bend testing is also known as transverse testing, modulus of rupture testing, 3-point bend testing and 4-point bend testing. It is a way of determining how something will react when it is being bent.

Spring Testers

Spring Testing is a measure of the compression or tension force exerted by a spring at a specific deflection, length, spring torsion, or the deflection or length of a spring at a specific force.

Tear Testers

Tear testing is a measurement of the resistance of sheet type materials to tearing. A common approach is to apply a tension load to a sample that has been prepared with a cut, slit or notch to begin the controlled tear.
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