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Spring Testers

Spring Testing is a measure of the compression or tension force exerted by a spring at a specific deflection, length, spring torsion, or the deflection or length of a spring at a specific force.

Computer-controlled Spring Testers

Our top-of-the-range MultiTest-i spring testers provide optimum testing performance and evaluation options, enabling you to get the most from your test measurements.

  • Controlled via advanced software
  • Create sophisticated test programs
  • Extensive suite of calculations e.g. spring rate and free height
  • View data graphically in real time
  • Perform in-depth evaluation of results
  • Ideal for Quality Control Laboratories
  • Capacities from 1kN to 50kN

Touch Screen Spring Testers

Operated via an easy-to-use touch screen, our MultiTest-xt test stands enable fast and efficient routine testing on the production floor with one complete solution.

  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Easy-to-use, requires minimal set-up time & training
  • Flexible - choice of 3 program modes
  • Create and store multiple test programs
  • 5 'Favourite' buttons for fast access to frequently used tests
  • Measures force and displacement
  • Colour-coded Pass/Fail indication
  • Ideal for routine use in production areas
  • Self-contained system - no PC required
  • Capacities from 1kN to 50kN

Both the MultiTest-i and MultiTest-xt spring testers provide cycling, pass-fail, loadcell deflection compensation and operator lock-out from programming areas.

Motorised and Manual Spring Testers

Our entry-level MultiTest-d test stands are a cost-effective solution for straightforward spring tests.

Simple to operate
Combines with Mecmesin's digital gauges; AFG & BFG
Rugged design suitable for factory floor
Comines with data acquisition software for additional test evaluation options
Capacities from 0.5kN to 2.5kN

For basic spring testing applications a Mecmesin manual test stand, such as an MDD used with either a digital force gauge and digital height scale offers an affordable solution:


Grips and Fixtures


Mecmesin grips and fixtures are integral components of our test systems. We offer a wide range of fixtures for spring testing applications including self-levelling compression plates, spring supports and safety guards. For specialised requirements such as spring torsion we also offer a customized fixture design service to match your specification.


Spring Torsion Testers

As well as our standard spring testers we have designed testers specifically for testing spring torsion.

Over 30 years experience


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