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Process Plant Technology design and supply gas scrubbers for many different applications. Most applications are for particulate removal (soluble or insoluble) in order to meet environmentally legislated levels for gas discharge to atmosphere.

Process Plant Technology is able to design and supply the following types of scrubbers:

  • Tray type scrubbers for low pressure drop soluble solids containment;
  • Spray tower scrubbers for gas absorption and soluble solids removal and where some insoluble solids are present;
  • Venturi scrubbers for difficult insoluble solids and scaling applications, fine particulate solids and mists and where high pressure drop is available for the scrubbing duty;
  • Baffle type scrubbers for gas scrubbing using slurries or stripping volatile gases from slurries;
  • Candle type fibre filters for scrubbing and capture of very fine mists.

Reference plants include crystalline fine solids removal from flash dryer off-gas scrubbers, kiln off-gas venturi scrubbers, electrolyte mist elimination fibre scrubbers, and simultaneous solids scrubbing and gas absorption.

We have recently installed a gas stripping plant to recover H2S, HCN and Ammonia gas from a coke oven gas scrubbing plant utilising a fixed valve-tray design. The stripped liquors are recirculated back to the scrubbing plant where they are re-fortified and then returned to the strippers. This application was complicated by the high loading of Tar in the treated gases which was simultaneously scrubbed and deposited on the surfaces of the equipment. (Please also see the Coke Oven Gas Cleaning page)

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