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Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

SO2 Scrubbing and CO2 Capture Processes

Global interest in both SO2 emission targets and “Greenhouse Gas” reduction i.e. CO2 capture processes has defined a need for relevant technology to be available in Southern Africa. PPTech has recently been involved in a significant CO2 capture processing facility in South Africa utilising recently developed amine absorption processes licensed by Shell Cansolv. Process Plant Technology was responsible for the plant on a Turn-key basis, integrating the overall process including gas conditioning into the client’s overall process. The plant produces CO2 at >99.8% purity and at a much lower operating cost compared with conventional MEA based processes.

This facility is the first of its size commissioned in the Southern Hemisphere. Shell Cansolv was originally formed in 1997 to commercialise the CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System. On November 30th 2008, Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (SGSI) purchased 100% of the shares of Cansolv Technologies Inc. The company now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of SGSI.
Shell Cansolv is an innovative, technology-centered company whose mission is to be a leading global provider of high efficiency air pollution control and capture solutions. The commitment is to provide custom designed economic solutions to clients' environmental problems. They have also pursued a strong R&D effort and are now one of the world leaders for CO2 capture applications.
Process Plant Technology has evaluated the reduction of SO2 emissions at a number of facilities in Southern Africa and the preferred technology is Shell Cansolv, generating a humid gas for recycle to an existing acid plant, feed to a new acid plant, liquefaction for direct sale or absorption into solution to produce by-products for sale for example sodium sulphite.

Based on the recent reference constructed in South Africa, Process Plant Technology are confident in offering solutions to challenging gas scrubbing opportunities where off-gases may contain SO2, SO3 and dust as well as CO2. These integrated solutions will require gas quenching, dust scrubbing, acid removal, SO2 removal and possibly CO2 capture, all the technologies available in-house or through equipment suppliers.

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