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Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

TigerTek is the national Fanuc servo repair source. Your Fanuc servo motor will be repaired by factory trained technicians who are experts on Fanuc servo systems. Our Fanuc engineering data ensures that your motor is repaired, tested and aligned to factory specifications. TigerTek will use OEM connectors to interface with your motor and it will be run-tested through a documented QC procedure.

As the national Fanuc servo motor repair specialists, TigerTek emphasizes reliability, fast turn-around times, great prices and excellent customer service. Repairs for Fanuc servos are complex and the test procedures we follow require specialized training and techniques. We are an established and professional servo repair facility with extensive experience repairing all types and makes of servo motors.

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair from TigerTek –
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  • We have the test equipment to repair ALL the following Fanuc servo motor part numbers:

    • A06B-0652-B201 - 20M 5XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0652-B202 - 20M 4XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0652-B203 - 20M 3XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0652-B205 - 20M TACH BRK
    • A06B-0652-B211 - 20M 2000P BRK
    • A06B-0652-B212 - 20M 2500P BRK
    • A06B-0652-B213 - 20M 3000P BRK
    • A06B-0652-B501 - 20M 5XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0652-B502 - 20M 4XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0652-B503 - 20M 3XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0652-B505 - 20M TACH TP
    • A06B-0652-B511 - 20M 2000P TP
    • A06B-0652-B512 - 20M 2500P TP
    • A06B-0652-B513 - 20M 3000P TP
    • A06B-0653-B001 - 30M 5XW/TACH
    • A06B-0653-B002 - 30M 4XW/TACH
    • A06B-0653-B003 - 30M 3XW/TACH
    • A06B-0653-B005 - 30M TACH
    • A06B-0653-B011 - 30M 2000P
    • A06B-0653-B012 - 30M 2500P
    • A06B-0653-B013 - 30M 3000P
    • A06B-0653-B201 - 30M 5XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0653-B202 - 30M 4XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0653-B203 - 30M 3XW/TACH BRK
    • A06B-0653-B205 - 30M TACH BRK
    • A06B-0653-B211 - 30M 2000P BRK
    • A06B-0653-B212 - 30M 2500P BRK
    • A06B-0653-B213 - 30M 3000P BRK
    • A06B-0653-B501 - 30M 5XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0653-B502 - 30M 4XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0653-B503 - 30M 3XW/TACH TP
    • A06B-0653-B505 - 30M TACH TP
    • A06B-0653-B511 - 30M 2000P TP
    • A06B-0653-B512 - 30M 2500P TP
    • A06B-0653-B513 - 30M 3000P TP

    If your Fanuc servo motor is damaged beyond repair, we can quote a new replacement, reconditioned or exchange motor.

    Send your Fanuc servo to us for repair and discover the TigerTek difference:

    • SPECIALIST Fanuc repair center
    • Factory trained Fanuc technicians
    • Servo motors repaired using OEM test equipment
    • Massive Fanuc spare parts inventory
    • Fanuc engineering data with alignment angles
    • All servos are run-tested and returned with a 1-year warranty and detailed failure report
    • Extremely competitive pricing, with free quotes available
    • 24/365 Customer Service


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