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Chengdu Sunlight Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

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Fax: +86 28 85370720
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No. 33, Wuqing South Road,

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Sunlight Grounding is a leading manufacturer of grounding&lightning protection in china,which provide complete solution including consultation,design, production, installation and service.She comprises Sunlight Runji Lightning Protection Engineering Limited Company which have national qualification in lightning protection&grounding project design and construction.

Sunlight has a full range of grounding&lightning protection products,including:
1.Grounding:ALG anticorrosion ion grounding electrode,Copper/Zinc clad ground rod,Copper rod
2.Connection:Sunlight exothermic welding, Metal clamp,Ground cable etc.
3. Resistance reducing:Ground module,Resistance reducing agent
4. Lightning protection:Lightning rod,Lightning tower
5. Tools and accessories:Earth bar,Inspection pit,Drilling machine etc.
6.Cathode protection

Our core products is ALG anticorrosion ion grounding electrode,copper/zinc clad ground rod and sunlight exothermic welding which prove our unique craft and technology

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