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EngNet Tools - Company Branded Units Converter

"Give your customer something they'll use"

We set out to provide our users with something useful, which advertised EngNet, made it easy to pass on to friends and colleagues, and made sure that EngNet's name would be on as many engineering desktop computers as possible.  We also wanted to reach more engineers, buyers and sales engineers - the people active inequipment selection and purchase.

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We now provide a fully branded company Units Conversion Calculator that you can make available to your customers so you benefit every time your customers use it.


See how we have effectively used the EngNet Tools to market EngNet....

Give Customers What they Want...

When EngNet developed EngNet Tools we set out to provide the visitors to our website with something useful to keep them coming back

Company Branded Desktop Units Converter

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Next we developed the Desktop Units Converter and our users found it so useful that they shared it with friends and colleagues - more people thanked us!
User Comments

" Thank you for a very useful tool...."

" Just Downloaded 'EngNet Tools', I am continually using the Web to convert units and search for other Engineering Info."

" I have been using your excellent units converter and would like to know...."

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Download Form

We added a Download Form to accompany the Desktop Units Converter to record the details of the people downloading the converter. Within a few months a database of engineering users had built itself, and continues to grow!


It has taken time and effort to develop and continually upgrade the EngNet Units Converter, which has proven itself to be more than worth while as a marketing method.

Your company can use the EngNet Desktop Units Converter to send to your customer with your full company branding, at a fraction of what it cost us to develop it.

Desktop Units Converter

Details & Pricing

EngNet Tools v1.4r8 - Unit Converter

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