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EngNet Tools - Company Branded Desktop Units Converter

Increase Product Awareness:
  • 5 pictures rotated with titles.
  • Capture engineers attention.
  • Stay in users minds - Get enquiries.
Useful Marketing:
  • Give your customers something they can use.
  • When they use it your company is being advertised.
Website Awareness:
  • Customers can download the converter from your website.
  • Creates website awareness.
  • Build an Email database.
Website Boost:
  • A link from the converter to your website.
  • Direct access to your product information.
Customer Reminder:
  • Every time your customers use the converter, you are reminding them of your company.
  • As long as people are using this useful tool your company is being advertised.
Regular Customer Contact:
  • Keep Regular Customer Contact, by issuing the latest converter.
  • Costs a Fraction of other promotional gifts such as Diaries and Calendars.

TIP:  Read our newsletter "Marketing they'll thank you for" for an in depth look at this marketing method.

Option 1 Option 2
Advertise 5 product ranges to your customers.
  • Company logo
  • 5 pictures & titles - animated
  • Contact details
  • 100% money back guarantee
Advertise 1 product range to your customers.
  • Company logo
  • 1 picture & title
  • Contact details
  • 100% money back guarantee
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You can reach us via the contact page.
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" Just Downloaded 'EngNet Tools', I am continually using the Web to convert units and search for other Engineering Info."

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