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Distance Measuring Sensors

Distance Measuring SensorsPhotoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic and magnetic sensors – the Baumer portfolio of measuring sensors covers all. The all-encompassing selection of most diverse sensor configurations offers the ultimate solution for all types of applications.

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensorsInductive sensors are among the most widely used sensor technologies. Early on, Baumer helped pioneer this technology, and, thanks to its innovative concepts, continues to be among the leading manufacturers.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensorsaumer’s innovative photoelectric sensors have been successfully employed for years in numerous industrial fields, where they can securely solve even the trickiest detection and measurement problems.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic SensorsMost ultrasonic sensors are based on the principle of measuring the propagation time of sound in the air. Ultrasonic frequencies outside the range of human hearing are emitted by the sensor. Sonic energy reflected by an object or target is picked up by the sensor’s receiver.

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive SensorsCapacitive sensors are designed for the detection of electrically conducting and non-conducting matter. They are capable of detecting most materials, particularly paper, glass, plastics, water, oil as well as all metals.

Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic SensorsBaumer magnetic sensors are based on the Hall principle or on magneto-resistive circuits. Since they contain no moving components such as ball bearings, they are extremely dirt resistant and show no evidence of operational wear.

Cylinder Sensors

Cylinder SensorsPneumatic cylinders are used in countless areas of automation. In many of these tasks, it is essential to monitor the movements of the pneumatic cylinders and exactly register the position of the pistons.

Precision Switches

Precision SwitchesWith a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee a large number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy.

Vision Sensors

Vision SensorsThe VeriSens vision sensors from Baumer close the gap between traditional optical sensors and complex vision systems. Their high-resolution image sensor permits 2-dimensional, i.e. areal inspection of objects up to 6000 times per minute.

Absolute Encoders

Absolute EncodersWhen choosing an absolute encoder made by Baumer you have drawn on trusted technology. For two decades, Baumer has been manufacturing absolute multiturn encoders. The technology proved itself a hundred thousand times in practice.
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