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Distance Measuring Sensors

Distance Measuring Sensors

Photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic and magnetic sensors – the Baumer portfolio of measuring sensors covers all. The all-encompassing selection of most diverse sensor configurations offers the ultimate solution for all types of applications.


  • All-encompassing product portfolio
  • Long-standing engineering, production and application know-how
  • High resolution and repeatability
  • Wide sensing ranges in miniaturized housings

Photoelectric sensors

Many applications require more information than simply on the presence of an object. Our sensors detect ultra-precise and at high clock frequencies even delicate object surfaces.

Inductive sensors

The Baumer portfolio of distance measuring inductive sensors is unequalled in its versatility and comprises configurations from 4 to 30 mm in size with resolutions of less than 1 µm. Here you will find the task-matching solution for every application.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic distance sensors are available both in miniature and very large housings. They are resistant against dirt and by object detection independent of color or transparency they master particularly delicate measuring applications.

Magnetic angular sensors

Magnetic angular sensors detect angles of rotation over the full 360° range with resolutions down to 0,09°. The compact sensors do not require bearings nor movable parts and therefore they are suited excellently for applications in harsh environments.

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