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Ball Bearing Slides

Ball Bearing Slides

There are literally thousands of uses for ball bearing slides. Home use, like drawers, cabinets and jewellery chests are fairly common. They also have a use in various industrial industries, such as aerospace, industrial storage, vehicles, vending and semiconductors. Think of vehicle security drawers or tool chests. Even yo-yos and bicycles use them.

The type of ball bearing slide chosen for industrial use will depend on weight capacity, friction, extension, and length needed. They typically handle smaller weight capacity than other types of rolling slides. The balls used are inexpensive to manufacture, so the bearings themselves remain a financially feasible option for most industrial applications. They can be made of several different materials including stainless steel, chrome and ceramic. This makes them one of the most popular types. They can also handle a certain amount of misalignment and improper mounting, making them a versatile and flexible option for home use.

The lifespan of the slides are directly proportioned to the load balance that they can carry, as well as the operating speed they perform at. Obviously, the bigger the load, the less life it will have. Maximum amount is determined by the proportion of the load to the outer diameter of the bearing, multiplied by the width of the bearing. Periodic maintenance will have to be performed as well as regular lubrication, in order to get the longest lifespan possible.

They are popular because they offer smooth, low-friction movements in one motion. They are commonly used in robotic assembly, construction and high-end appliance industries. Furniture industries mainly use these as drawer slides. They can be powered by hand, or by a drive mechanism.

Their load capacity is usually less than other types, mainly because the balls are not as resistant to abrasions and general wear. They are also limited by the need to fit into drive or housing systems. As an example, load capacity of a drawer is determined by the manufacturer, according to the industry standards. Generally, tests are based on an 18” extension and 50,000 – 75,000 cycles of in and out movement of the drawer. Ratings will include a 100% safety factor; this means the drawer will be able to hold a minimum capacity 100% of the time.

HepcoMotion HTS Ball Bearing Slides

HepcoMotion HTS line of telescopic ball bearing slides includes 5 different series ranging from super slim lightweight versions to heavy duty slides capable of carrying 280kg.  These high quality slides are quiet, rigid under extended loads, and offer smooth motion across the complete travel length.

  • ¾ travel, over travel and both sides travel versions
  • Non-disconnect, lever disconnect and lock-out options
  • Wide range of available lengths
  • Center cut cold rolled steel slide members and ball retainers
  • Slotted mounting holes for quick installation
  • Ball bearings are high carbon steel
  • Bright electro zinc plated finish
  • Hi-lo temperature grease
  • Temperature range from -40F to +130F (-4C to +55C)

HTS slides are ideal for IT appliances and equipment, automation equipment, instrument and facilities, medical equipment, office automation equipment, fire appliance equipment and facilities, measuring equipment and banking equipment.

¾ Travel Slides extend approximately ¾ of the total slide length, for applications not requiring complete access to drawer/components.

Over Travel Slides extend further than the length of the slide, allowing total and easy access to the drawer/components; often a convenient feature.

Both Side Travel Slides extend in either direction, allowing access to drawer or components from either side of the cabinet.

Linear Motion Slides contain an inner moving member, restricting movement to within the slide.

Lever Disconnect actuates the latch so that the drawer can be removed.

Lock-out locks the slide in the open position preventing accidental closure.

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