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Does your linear actuator or linear motion system seize up?  Are contaminants and debris causing your actuated or un-actuated linear motion system to fail? Looking to eliminate the cost and effort of adding bellows and covers? Are you constantly encountering problems that stop your linear motion system from running properly in extreme environments? Tired of short product life spans and replacements?

Bishop-Wisecarver is a Bay Area Green Business manufacturer of linear guides, linear slides, linear components, actuated linear systems and precision ring and driven track systems. This wide selection of products provides economical solutions for a variety of industries including food and beverage processing, packaging, medical, aerospace, pharmaceutical, machine tools, instrumentation, transportation and semiconductor manufacturing. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


As the inventor of DualVee Motion Technology, Bishop-Wisecarver, together with our partner HepcoMotion, offers the widest range of guide wheel components in the world. Our component offering is suitable for numerous applications, such as machine designs that require incorporating a component or linear product into the machine structure.  We also offer motor mounts to accommodate your drive needs. Carbon, stainless steel, and polymer versions are available to fit any application environment.

Linear Guides

Together with our partner HepcoMotion, Bishop-Wisecarver offers a diverse range of non-actuated guide wheel based linear guide solutions in the world. Our linear guide products are available in several sizes, materials, lengths, options and accessories to accommodate any application environment and loads of all types, from light to heavy. Our linear guide product offering is suitable for use in numerous applications, such as machine designs requiring incorporation of linear guide products into the machine structure.

Actuated Linear Guides

When a stand alone unit is required, our range of belt, chain, lead screw and ball screw actuators covers all applications from low load to heavy duty, from fast to slow speeds. Bishop-Wisecarver can custom design and build a single or multi axis actuated linear guide system for virtually any operating environment or application. Corrosion-resistant and cleanroom versions to accommodate food and laboratory applications are available in several of our linear actuator lines.

Linear Slides

MinVee compact linear slides are designed to slide on double edged track. Non-actuated MinVee linear slides in size 0 are available with your choice of wheel carriage with steel or polymer DualVee wheels. Stainless steel lubricators included in MinVee linear slides are to provide lubricant on the track and wheel interface. Stainless steel stand-offs for mounting track is also an option. MinVee linear slides feature a patented self-aligning mounting shoulder, reducing installation time and cost. Low profile MinVee linear slides are ideal for semiconductor, laboratory, medical and packaging applications.

Rotary Actuators and Rotary Motion Guides

Not all motion needs are linear. Our innovative range of rotary motion guides and rotary actuators are an innovative collection designed to suit virtually every curvilinear or circular motion need. Complete rings, ring segments, ring discs, straight slides, and gearing provide circular, part circular, or combination linear and rotary motion. From heavy to light duty applications, track shape possibilities are infinite.

Custom Solutions

We have been solving our customers' most demanding application challenges for 60 years, with more than 40% of our business attributed to custom design. From slight modifications to innovative custom solutions, you can count on Bishop-Wisecarver's world-class engineering team to design and assemble a quality product that meets your exact needs.

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