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Hydrostatic Transmission Controls

Control systems for Hydrostatic Transmissions

The CVC electronic controller has been designed as control system for hydrostatic tracks vehicles with separate - left and right – hydraulic circuit. The CVC controls in closed loop the displacement of the two pumps, or the speed of the two wheels, to make sure that it corresponds to the given command in whatever use conditions.


  • proportional control drive
  • advanced brake control
  • advanced inching control
  • cruise control
  • speed limiter function of the steering angle
  • zero turn angle


  • biaxial joystick
  • 4 navigation push buttons
  • speed memorization/restore
  • safety devices
  • 2 wheel sensors or pump displacement sensors
  • enable remote control
  • hydraulic motor command


  • double independent drivers for proportional solenoids control for each pump
  • ON/OFF valve driver for double displacement hydraulic motor
  • negative hydraulic brake
  • dashboard lights

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