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GWT Series Scale Prevention Systems

Hardwater Scale Prevention Cartridge Systems

GWT Series Scale Prevention Systems:

The GWT Series Scale Prevention Systems offer protection for scale formation on pipe surface caused by hard water. These systems are available in a single filter or dual filter cartridge-based or media tank based systems. The cartirdges systems are capable of water flow rates of 1-4 US GPM, and the media tank based systems are capable of flow rates from 10 US GPM to greater than 450 US GPM.

The systems are to be installed on the cold water supply line before entering a system that utilizes water in
its operations (beverage machines, dishwasher, laundry, water boilers, RO pre-treatment, etc.) to prevent scale buildup caused by hard water.

GWT scale prevention systems utilize a new technology called template assisted crystallization (TAC). This
technology prevents scale buildup using nucleation sites on the surfaces of small polymer beads that collect
calcium/magnesium hardness ions and isolate them to form crystals that cannot effective attach to other
molecules. The suspended crystals are passed out to drain significantly reducing the ability for any scaling
to occur.

Both the cartridge and scale prevention tank systems are used in a variety of applications and industries including residential, commercial/industrial, food/beverage, agricultural/irrigation, power generation, oil/gas, etc.

The GWT series scale prevention systems are cost efficient environmental friendly solutions to meet your most challenging hard water issues.


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