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GWT Series Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems

UV Disinfection Systems

The GWT Series Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems are highly efficient and capable of protecting a water supply from microorganisms, cysts, bacteria, viruses, and numerous other waterborne contaminants.

The GWT series UV systems standard product line has systems capable of purifying water from 10 gpm to 530 gpm. These systems are capable of light commercial point-of-entry system applications as well as many other heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

Custom-Engineered UV systems are available.

The GWT UV systems product line features many distinctive system characteristics, such as a 316 SS electropolished and passivated UV chamber, removable flanged head for easy disassembly, UV run time meter, and high output UV lamps

The GWT series offers a UV sensor port that provides the user the ability to check the functionality

UV System Applications:

- Pre or Post Reverse Osmosis Treatment
- Storage Tank Sterilization
- Pre-Treatment before Ultrafiltration systems
- Recirculating Loop Systems
- Ozone Destruction
- TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Reduction


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