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Ultrafiltration Systems

The GWT Series Custom Built Solar Powered Ultrafiltration Systems combine proven solar voltaic technology with advanced Ultrafiltration technologies. These water purification systems can be utilized in a mobile or stationary application.

The GWT series custom systems operate totally independent of electric or water grid systems, providing clean, fresh water in areas were there is little or no existing infrastructure.

GWT ultrafiltration systems provide multiple fresh water source capability. These systems are capable of filtering water from streams, rivers, wells, and lakes.

GWT series custom built ultrafiltration systems are capable of filtering total suspended solids (TSS) to less than 5ppm. The filtered water is 99.99% bacteria, parasite, and virus free. Our ultrafiltration systems are engineered to meet our clients local water conditions and desired purified water capacity.

Lower Maintenance Cost: Average cost is about 1 cent per gallon of water produced by the system

System Capacities:
4.5 US GPM purified water
11 US GPM purified water
18 US GPM purified water
Additional system flow rate capacities available


Environmental Friendly Facilities
Providing clean water for residences, condo communities, resorts, commercial & municipal facilities

Remote Work Camps/Parks/Remote Areas
Mobile clean drinking water

Irrigation water

Disaster Emergency Relief
Providing clean water in times of crisis & natural disasters

Humanitarian Efforts -
(Missionary/Relief Agencies) – Providing clean water for refugee camps, missionaries, relief workers

Third World Nations
Providing clean water for people in villages with limited access or without access to power or water infrastructure

Armed Forces / Military
Mobile clean drinking water


The GWT series UF system solutions incorporate advanced UF rigid membrane technology to provide cost effective, high performance output for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment, filtration, water reuse applications.

GWT ultrafiltration system solutions utilize industry leading backwashable rigid membrane technology along with a membrane aeration process allowing for higher flux rates, significantly reduced cleaning cycle frequencies, and enhanced membrane permeability. Due to these system benefits their clients are able to achieve significant cost savings in maintenance and operational costs.

These UF systems can be used in a variety of industry applications including the:

Mining Industry
Power Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Pharmaceuticals Industry
Food/Beverage Industry
Sea Water/Surface Water RO Pre-Treatment
Commercial/Municipal (heavy metals, landfill leachate, process water, and wastewater reuse)
Specialty Filtration Applications

The GWT Series Ultrafiltration System Solutions are engineered and designed to meet our client specific needs. 


The new GWT Series Ultrafiltration System is a (POE) Point of Entry Residential/Light Commercial Ultrafiltration system featuring Enpress advanced Polymeric UF Vessel Technology with specialty pre/post filtration for high quality filtered water.

The GWT residential/light commercial ultrafiltration system offers 0.02 micron filtration at continuous service water flow rates of 10 US GPM with peak water flow rates of 12 US GPM.

Utilizing the GWT system design, the combined systems filtration process treats colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins, and other particles with 99.99% percent removal efficiency.

The GWT backwashable ultrafiltration system is available with two different control valve options. The system is offered with an Autotrol 263/740 electronic time clock backwashable control valve or a simple and efficient in/out control head.

The high surface area UF bundles require only normal line pressure to operate, provide reduced wastewater discharge when in backwash/cleaning mode, and offer low pressure drop with high service flow rates to serve your customers needs.

The system is designed for a wide range of applications to serve the needs of our clients customers.

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