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Color Reader

Color Reader

Color readers are low-cost instruments used to measure a target and a sample, and then display the color difference to the user.

CR-14 Color Reader

The CR-14 handheld color reader measures the whiteness of foods or raw materials in solid, paste, or powder form. It features an LCD screen which displays the Hunter Whiteness Index or the CIE Whiteness Index, an international method for expressing whiteness. This is especially useful in the food industry since color variations of white are particularly obvious and can influence consumer purchases.

This instrument can be used to control color from raw materials through the manufacturing process. It can also quantify what effect storage during transportation has on the whiteness of a product. The CR-14 fits in the palm of your hand, is light-weight, and battery-operated, so it is very portable. The unit can also be connected to an AC adapter if desired.

This low cost device is easy-to-use, ideal for industries just beginning to measure whiteness or need inexpensive multiple devices. The instrument only provides those functions necessary for whiteness measuring, making it easy for anyone to use. There are five steps- switch on the power, select the display mode, perform white calibration, place on sample and press button, and then, measurement results are shown on the display.

The CR-14 has a protective cap which allows direct measurement of powders or pastes without needing to fill a cell. The device can also be connected to an external printer to print results. An optional vinyl case to protect the instrument against dust is available.

CR-10 Color Reader

Konica Minolta’s CR 10 Tristimulus colorimeter is a battery powered, portable, and hand-held color reader for fast, accurate color control. The CR-10 Tristimulus Color Reader is easy to use, portable and economical like never before. The CR-10 Color Reader is a very compact, battery operated, hand-held portable Tristimulus colorimeter for quick color control.

First, simply measure the target and then the sample. After one second the color difference – expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* – will appear on the CR-10 Tristimulus colorimeter’s LCD display. There’s a measuring area of 8 mm in addition to the 8/d geometry that allows universal use of the CR-10 Tristimulus colorimeter in a wide variety of applications. All color measurements are taken under the conditions of the standard illuminant D65 and 10° observer. For print outs of the readings, the CR-10 colorimeter can be connected to an external printer.

The CR-10 colorimeter is used to check the color differences between two samples. It fits in the palm of your hand for easy portability, and is great for field operations. This economical, high quality instrument is ideal for users in need of multiple devices. The CR-10 colorimeter is the epitome of elegant simplicity, making it easy to operate even for first-time users.

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