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Automotive Lubricants

Automotive Lubricants

Ranging from electromechanical devices to weather stripping; CHRISTO-LUBE® perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants have been increasing safety, enhancing performance and improving protection in the most demanding automotive applications. CHRISTO-LUBE® PFPE lubricants have stability towards high and low temperature and resist attack from aggressive chemicals, fuels and oxygen. CHRISTO-LUBE® PFPE lubricants are compatible with engineered plastics / elastomers and are free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) and other ozone depleting compounds (ODC’s).

In today’s vehicles, components are getting smaller, frequently operating at higher speeds and under heavier loads – leading to extreme conditions. It’s with stability toward these stress factors make CHRISTO-LUBE lubricants best suited for a variety of automotive components. When it comes to providing lubrication solutions early in the stages of design; more and more automotive engineers are relying on LTI’s CHRISTO-LUBE synthetic lubricants. Lubrication Technology, Inc – Your partner for customized tribological solutions.


CHRISTO-LUBE perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants, which are insulators by nature, have excellent electrical and thermal stability along with compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers. Given low surface energy and exceptional lubricity, CHRISTO-LUBE greases require minimal insertion force, prevent sticking and protect against wear and corrosion.

Weather Stripping

CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE lubricants are among the most stable of all synthetic polymers and are derived only from fluorinated olefins and oxygen. It is with this stability that allows our CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE oils and greases to have excellent compatibility with plastics and elastomers found in automotive design. CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE oils and greases prolong the life of rubber components while reducing vibration from plastic to metal or plastic to plastic components.

Small Motors

In addition to low migration rates of CHRISTO-LUBE fluorinated oils and greases, these products have exceptional material compatibility and can be designed to perform in even the harshest of environments.


CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE lubricants are a perfect fit for valve and valve components found in today’s automobiles. Since CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE lubricants are among the most stable of all synthetic lubricants they resist attack from fuel, conventional automotive fluids and exhaust gases.


CHRISTO-LUBE fluorinated lubricants are commonly used in automotive switches of all functions. From dimmers to multifunctional switches, LTI’s engineering team will recommend a CHRISTO-LUBE lubricant to exceed your expectations. CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE lubricants are dielectric, operate over a broad temperature range and are compatible with engineered plastics and elastomers.

Ignition Systems

CHRISTO-LUBE PFPE lubricants are dielectric (insulators) and are commonly used in the lubrication of automotive spark plug boots. CHRISTO-LUBE fluorinated lubricants increase the number of mates and un-mates, while not negatively impacting the integrity of the silicone boot.

Lubrication Technology, Inc. is an ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2008 company.

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