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NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. specializes in the application of laser based 3D measurement equipment for digitizing, reverse engineering, and computer aided inspection. NeoMetrix utilizes the Range 7 and Vivid 9i 3D laser scanners manufactured by Konica-Minolta, as well as a variety of other tools for data collection. Our team of engineers are experts in converting raw scanned data into high-quality surface and parametric solid models.

NeoMetrix Services

  • 3D scanning refers to the rapid capture of complex shapes utilizing laser based 3D scanning technology. The 3D scanner emits a laser stripe which sweeps over the part to be scanned. A CCD camera records data points along the length of the strip to capture XYZ data points.
  • Reverse Engineering - Most applications require the development of a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) model as the final output.
  • Computer Aided Inspection - Raw data from the 3D scanner can be compared to the original CAD design to generate impressive inspection reports. Topographical color maps highlight deviations between the actual part and the design model, clearly indicating out of tolerance conditions with far more clarity than traditional CMM (coordinate measuring machine) reports.
  • Rapid prototyping is a cost effective method to analyze your part designs before committing to the high cost of tooling development or the machining production parts. NeoMetrix utilizes the Objet Alaris 30 3D printer with Objet’s FullCure Vero White photopolymer resin to create accurate, clean, smooth and highly detailed 3-dimensional models.

Why Choose NeoMetrix

With 20 years of reverse engineering experience, our engineers have done it all. We have completed hundreds of successful projects, from minute mechanical components to entire power plants, and just about everything in between. Whether you ship your part to us, or we travel to your facility, no project is too big or too small.

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