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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is part of the 3-legged stool with material selection and material processing. Mechanical testing measures material properties and characteristic performance. Most mechanical testing does not necessarily match environment and loadings that the component experiences during use. It is best to understand that environment and then replicate it in a laboratory setting for qualitative comparisons. Otherwise, the typical mechanical testing can be used to pre-select materials based on certain attributes.

  • Hardness – ultimate tensile strength, wear resistance, processing
  • Tensile – ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, Young’s modulus, ductility
  • Fatigue – characterizes life (number of cycles) at various strains or stresses
  • Microhardness – ultimate tensile strength of tiny regions
  • Bending – a variation between fatigue and tensile testing

Strength can be determined via tensile testing, hardness testing. Ductility can be determined via tensile testing, bend testing. Toughness can be determined via tensile testing, Charpy V-notch impact testing. Wear resistance can be characterized via pin-on-disk.

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