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Capping Valves

Capping Valves

20” Stargate O-Port® Capping Valve with Steaming and Evacuation. For full automation of the filling of the digesters, capping valves are used instead of manually installed blanks.

The advantages of the SVC Stargate-O-Port® Capping valves over ball valves are:

  • Very rugged design for long life.
  • Safe operation without hang-ups.
  • No material can be trapped between the blade and seat. This guarantees tight shut-off.
  • The SVC Stargate-O-Port™ valves have very short takeout dimensions. Installation requires only a minimum of changes to the conveyer system and building. It is not necessary to raise the roof of the building!!
  • Generally Stargate-O-Port™ valves have lower prices than ball valves of the same size.
  • The bottom side of the valve has a 300 psi flange with a bolt hole pattern to fit the top flange of the digester.
  • On the top side, the hopper or a spool piece can be directly bolted against the side plate of the valve body, thus entering the digesters for service without removal of the valve is possible.
  • The SVC Stargate-O-Port® allows adaptation to the special needs of the application, like pressure switches, automatic locking devices, face to face dimensions, etc.
  • SVC Stargate-O-Port® handles overfilling of a digester without seat damage by moving overfilled chips into the valve body - pressure free - and bringing back the overfilled material for the next cycle.

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